Loose-lead walking

I am a great advocate of Loose-lead walking and I’ve been successful in coaching 100s of dogs in the technique of not pulling on lead and instead having the self-control to enjoy quite, calm walks. I have had success with many very large and stressed dogs in rescue including Mastiffs, Great Dane, Rottweiler, Doberman, Labradors and Retrievers as well as the smaller breeds which has included Pekinese, Border Terrier, Japanese Spitz and Border Collies. I’ve even assisted a desperate dog owner with an impromptu coaching session in a pub car park with their huge Rottweiler cross whilst I was on holiday in St David’s.

I recently received the following wonderful comment from a family I met in Burry Port that was on holiday in Carmarthenshire from Spain with their Labrador:-

“Hi we just wanted to say thanks for the class you gave us down in Burry Port with our Labrador Baxter, since we´ve returned to Spain he´s really got the gist of not pulling! It’s amazing!

If anyone else is reading this we seriously recommend Canine Harmony, we found it intuitive, dog centred, reasonably priced and hugely positive. This is your man!

Thanks Claire Davies & Diego Fabra x”

Loose-lead walking is a wonderful reward based stress-free technique to teach your dog good walking etiquette; I’d like to be able to assist you.



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