About us

Our services

I assist dog owners to provide an environment where their dogs can gain the Life- Skills and confidence to cope with our busy, hectic, noisy and stressful life styles.

I work with owners to enable their dogs to make informed choices and to deal with new and sometimes stressful situations in a calm and confident manner and to gain self-control.

I support owners to create a calm and compassionate household and to develop the ‘parenting’ skills to protect and reassure their dogs when needed.

I work with owners to establish the root cause of particular problem behaviour and provide a strategy to modify any unwanted behaviours if necessary. I do not just treat the symptoms!

Through a detailed consultation and history investigation I provide a detailed analysis of the dog, its behaviours and the root causes of such behaviours.

I provide on-going support and information to ensure the dog achieves its full potential and a state of balance-in-life.

Our services include:

  • One-to-one training
  • Positive behaviour modification
  • Puppy Life-Skills
  • Dogs In Need Of Space — DINOS
  • Loose-Lead Walking techniques
  • Nose-Work days
  • Fun Agility
  • Seminars & workshops

 My Ethos

To promote and encourage a greater understanding between owners’ and their dogs by guiding the coaching and handling of the dogs and the use of positive, reward-based training only.

Dogs have such incredible skills, a capacity for learning (and teaching) and the natural capabilities to help mankind in so many medical and sociological ways that we continue to ignore. I am positive that we have only just begun to fully appreciate their full capabilities and contribution to our lives. We therefore owe it to them to provide calm and comfortable lives.

Dogs live in the moment and if, in that moment we can make a positive difference to their lives, then we can give our dogs something no-one else can and we too can treasure that moment. Dogs can also be greatly affected by their past, especially rescue dogs, and it is incumbent upon us to try to understand them and to provide them with calm and compassionate lives.

I practice a strict non punitive policy and will discourage the use of electric shock collars, pronged collars, spray collars, check/choke chains or any other equipment designed to inflict pain and discomfort onto a dog. There is no such thing as a quick fix in dog behaviour management and shaping a calm, sociable and well-balanced dog.

I encourage the use of harnesses and the practice of Loose-Lead Walking.

Behaviour Consultations

My approach and mythology is unique when addressing a dog’s social issues. Rather than train dogs to change their behaviours, I enable them to make changes themselves. My coaching methods provide dogs with Canine social skills and Life-skills that enable them to display acceptable behaviours and possess self-control. It is essential that they are given the opportunity to make their own decisions, based on positive experiences, in their own time.

Wherever possible initial consultations take place in your home. This will reduce the possibility of any additional stresses on your dog and enable your dog to display its natural behaviours.

If relevant, I may recommend that your dog is referred to a vet to identify any underlying clinical abnormalities that may be a cause of the unwanted behaviours.

Nutrition is a major contributor to the behaviour of a dog, it is therefore of vital importance that your dog is feed the correct diet and may be referred to a Canine Nutritionist for a consultation.

Through the application of a detailed questionnaire a current and historic profile is compiled of your dog. This will provide the best picture of your dog and assist with the identification of the root causes of the unwanted behaviour and suggest possible strategies for positive behaviour changes.

Following the consultation a Behaviour Modification Programme will be provided to manage and modify the behaviour of your dog with support and guidance on its application.

Positive reinforcement training is something you do WITH your dog,

but correction-based training is something you do TO your dog.”


I am particularly interested in puppies and encourage the endowment of Canine Social skills and Life-skills to enable young dogs to gain self-confidence and self-control. I am pioneering personalised puppy workbooks which are tailored to suit the breed characteristics and the intended Canine life-style e.g. companion, agility, showing, scent-work, PAT dog or shop dog, etc. The workbook will be a permanent record of the dog’s progress and written to reflect the needs of the chosen life-style and include basic Life-skills with speciality needs to enable the dog to fulfil its companion role.


Canine Harmony is fully insured for all aspects of my work including behavioural advice and agility training.


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  1. When and where are your puppy classes

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