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Two Staffies

I’ve just started working with two Staffies who, although quite excitable, are very loving and ultimately calm dogs. My initial task is to teach them self-control and not to jump-up at visitors; that’s going to be an on-going project as the older dog has been practicing the art of jumping-up for the past three years and is a master at it, and of course he has taught the younger dog the technique. With calmness and persistence these two intelligent dogs will soon grasp the ability to resist over-excitable greetings. I also initiated shaping the hand-touch game which can be the foundation of a reliable recall. On this occasion the younger, one year old Staffie, proved to be one of the quickest dogs I’ve ever shaped this behaviour with and was soon touching my hand on cue. Our next meeting with be in the Country Park where we shall introduce the dogs to the harness and long-line and see if we can begin to shape the loose-lead walking technique and if appropriate I’ll introduce some basic nose-work games, can’t wait.