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Vaccine damage

I was very interested to hear holistic vet Michael W Fox categorically state on the SPARCS web-cast that dogs can contract auto-immune diseases due to vaccine damage. My GSD, Pagan, died of Auto Immune Haemolytic Anaemia 11 years ago at the age of 6½. Pagan had been a very fit dog as she had always accompanied me on my regular 15 miles training runs and hiking expeditions, but following her ‘annual booster’ she suddenly became ill and died two weeks later. The vet, although sympathetic, offered very little assistance as to the cause of the sudden death of my otherwise healthy dog. I did some research and found a lady in the USA who was studying these unexplained deaths of healthy dogs and had established that the annual booster was unnecessary and led to the over-vaccination of dogs. My own research led me also to Catherine O’Driscoll and her organisation Canine Health Concern Although I strongly believed at the time that vaccine damage had been the root cause of Pagan’s death it was not until watching the fascination SPARCS web-cast that I now have confirmation of my own beliefs as to the cause of Pagan’s premature death.